Maya wireframe view 2

Another snapshot of the head in wireframe mode, this time from the front orthrographic projection.

It's getting to the point now where I could render a vector pass and work on this back in Illustrator, might give that a go tomorrow...

Maya Smooth Shaded View

The model in MAYA, smooth shaded mode. I've removed the helmet's front panel for now so I can UV Map the face.

From this angle it look like I'll probably need to work some more geometry into the helmet

The Hollow Model

Here we have a view from inside the Model, this of course will never be seen.

What we see here is the view from the wrist down the arm, through the chest and the far tunnel is the other arm.

Maya Wireframe View

Early on in the design process I roughed out some Illustrator B/W wireframes so here then is the equivilent from MAYA.

As part of the Low Poly modelling process I have now smoothed and hardened selected Normals.

Low Poly Machine Pistol v1

Just for a test thought I'd try and build something non organic. A Syd Mead styled Machine pistol, well at least thats what I'd like it to be when finished...

I'm feeling alot more confident using Silo in that I really only need to use a basic sketch to start modelling - See bad drawing below!

Completed Silo Character v1

Here we have a pretty much completed Low Poly character, next step MAYA & UV Mapping.

The helmet close up shows that some of the face will probably need cleaning up at some point