Character Wireframe Profile

Some initial character sculping displayed in wireframe mode . This is an early snippet of art from a collaborative Sci-Fi project with Dan McPharlin

More soon...

Maya Vector Render to Illustrator

A straight forward 'Vector Render' intially positioned and snapped from Maya then opened in Illustrator and finally placed into Photoshop as a smart object.

A link to more info on Maya to Illustrator Vector Rendering.

Maya Canyon Run (1)

This is a fairly simple 3d experiment using keyframe animation within Autodesk Maya.

A warped polygon plane that I moved towards the camera and then filmed using Screenflick. Yeap, I havent got to rendered animation yet.

Kudos to Al @ I think I can actually remember some of last years course :)

Video Intorsion 1

A garbled alien lexicon.

The above footage was filmed using my iPhone 5 whilst a TV at Bradford's Media Museum blue screen area suffered some temporary anolog feedback. This footage has been slowed down 1/4 speed using After Effects but other than that is unprocessed.

Theres something uniqely fascinating about the randomn and uncontrolled rawness of video feedback. Something I've only recently switched onto.

The title 'Video Intorsion' is a nod to Luke Wyatt (AKA Torn Hawk) and his Video Mulch project. This is something I profiled on Sci-Fi-O-Rama late last year. A link to the post.

Attached belows are some selected stills of Video Intorsion 1.